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Vol. 1

"Blue Collar Rock'N'Roll For Garden Gnomes"

vol. 1


                   's long anticipated debut album. Featuring some of East Van's most talented musicians, these songs finally park themselves with a polished finish.

1. Shit Storm Comin’
2. Another Dawn
3. Three Kindsa Crazy
4. Blue Ball Blues
5. Lost and Alone
6. Pirate Gold
7. Don’t Drop the Soap in San Quentin
8. Spare Change
9. Another Song
10. Damn Jack the Beans Talk

The Band

Paul Surjadinata: Rhythm acoustic/electric guitar, vocals
Simpsonelli: Drums, background vocals
Noah Walker: Lead guitar, background vocals
David Chokroun: Bass, background vocals

Special Guests

Kathleen Nesbit: Fiddle (Tracks 2&3)
Sean Fulton: Keyboard   (Track 6)
Malcolm Aiken: Trumpet   (Track 10)
Dominic Conway: Saxophone    (Track 10)

The Company B Jazz Band

Shannon Scott    (Tracks 3,4 & 10)
Julih Conlinn   (Tracks 3,4 & 10
Bonnie Northgraves   (Tracks 3 & 10)
Jackie Nguyen   (Track 4)

Engineered and mixed by Simpsonelli at Red Light Studios.
Mastered by Brock McFarlane at CPS Mastering
Produced by Paul Surjadinata and Simpsonelli

Cover Art by Labrona

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